A neon lit street shrine for Our Lady of Good Counsel in Cortona, Italy.

“I’m too much like everybody else to be crazy," she announced with pride. "At a picture show, I feel like the norm.”
— "Camp Cataract" | Jane Bowles

kareem iliya


Japanese Lady with a Fan, George Henry

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Artist & Illustrator:

Caitlin Hackett

"I finished this tiger commission piece today, drawn in ballpoint pen, watercolor and gold acrylic."

“There’s probably nobody more redundant in the film world than a writer of origin hanging around the set of his movie, as I’ve learned to my cost. Alec Guinness actually did me the favor of having me shown off the set of the BBC’s TV adaptation of “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.” All I was wanting to do was radiate my admiration, but Alec said my glare was too intense.”

doc martens x liberty london


richard buckminster fuller.
the geodesic dome.
montreal, canada.

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